Urgent Update & NEW LIVE Docu-Series
Next LIVE Broadcast Sunday 29 March @ 4pm PT/7pm ET
The Great Awakening in Times of Turmoil:
What Your Higher Self Wants You to Know
with David Wilcock
Join David Wilcock for an Exclusive Cosmic Update (including thoughts on the Global Pandemic) and an ALL NEW Online Docu-Series
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Thursday March 19 @ 3:00PM PT
Global Update - What is in Play in the Collective Field

Understand the energies that are in the collective consciousness and how to prepare yourself:
  • Update on predictions
  • Update on virus situation
  • Update on rest of this year

NEW Docu-Series Broadcast Session #1:
Sunday March 22nd @ 4PM PT
The Power of Clear Communication

One of the most effective tools you have is inside you to connect to your Higher Self
  • Why the Mind Blocks You
  • Establishing Clear Connection
  • Receiving Guidance from Guides
NEW Docu-Series Broadcast Session #2:
Sunday March 29th @ 4PM PT
The Science of Ascension
What is the Great Awakening and how can you not get left out
  • Ascension Tools
  • Role of Collective Fields
  • As the world wakes up

FINAL Docu-series Session #3:
Wednesday April 1st @4PM PT
The Path of Awakening and Special LIVE Q&A

For most who are asleep they don't understand awakening...in this final session we will look at what it means to choose this path...
  • Light-body Activation
  • Quantum Leaps in Consciousness
  • Special LIVE Q&A with David Wilcock
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